Smoked Salmon Board

Boards give me purpose, they give me life…they give me love handles.  It’s so worth it.  I am a board makin’ foo these days.  I’m boarding all the meats and cheeses and crackers I can get my hands on.  I started thinking that perhaps I could make a healthish board using Lifeway Farmer Cheese as my muse.  You can read all about Lifeway’s great products here.  Farmer cheese has a consistency between cottage cheese and cream cheese, and it’s ridiculously healthy with all those probiotics packed in there.  I knew it would go great with the smoked salmon I picked up at my favorite place in the whole wide world, Costco.  Side note, I am now buying underwear at Costco…for myself.  Send help.

Costco sells smoked salmon a million different ways because Costco loves me.  They have a smoked salmon variety pack that includes original, dill, and pepper spiced smoked salmon.  All I had to do was throw that stuff on my board and add everything that you could possibly put on a bagel with smoked salmon.  Tomatoes, cucumbers, capers, caperberries, avocados, and cream farmer cheese.  The farmer cheese was PERFECT for this.

All I did was mix it with some chopped chives and it was SO good with that salty smoked salmon.  Like HELLA good.

I didn’t have any bagels so I decided to use flatbread as the landing pad for all these goodies.  You can also serve this with crackers or even lettuce leaves if we’re being SUPER healthy.  You can even get fancy and drizzle on some balsalmic or honey mustard vinaigrette.  You can do anything your little heart desires.

When you serve this to your friends and family be ready for a standing ovation.  Don’t be shy or embarrassed by the accolades, take your bow and bask in the glory…you earned it.