What makes you so GOOD?

Wow, my first blog post…lots of pressure here.  Well if you’re reading this then at least one person has read my blog and that pretty much makes me feel like the queen of England.  Anyway, my blog is titled “The Good Cooker” based on my six year old son’s funny way he likes to compliment most of the meals I make for him and his siblings (yes, there are more of them, yikes!).  Anyway, he used to tell me I was a Goooood Cooker in the best southern twang accent even though he’s never actually been to the South.  So there it is…I’ve been wanting to share my home cooked recipes for a while now with more than just friends and family but that little thing called procrastination keeps getting in the way, I freaking hate that thing!

I’ve been cooking for a while now and I do seem to really enjoy it (except for the clean up)…I also like to laugh, laughing is my favorite.  So my (hopefully) funny cooking blog has been born and I’m so glad you are here to witness this miracle…please don’t leave us!  I started posting some of my food on instagram at #thegoodcooker so feel free to check it out.  I have an iphone camera and that’s about as good as it gets for my food photos, unfortunately I’m not a multiple threat blogger (writer, cooker, photographer, candle maker, underwater basket weaver, etc.) so I don’t have a fancy camera.  

I do like to cook things that are not only good, but good for my family (there are exceptions to this rule, some things just need to be bad to be good).  I do shop at Whole Foods (great stories about that are yet to come) but I also shop at Sam’s Club and Target.  I like organic and I will buy it if it’s reasonably priced but it’s not a must on my sheet of rules to live by and I lost that sheet two years ago anyway.  So long story short, I’m not a crunchy mom…but my sister is!  Maybe she could be a guest on my blog sometime unless she starts stealing my thunder, then we must cut ties.  WOW, I am getting way ahead of myself.

Well, I think that’s it for the intro, you know a little about me now (besides the fact that I love using parentheses) so stay tuned for great recipes and cooking tips that I hope you find useful because if not, this has been a huge waste of time for both of us.

The Good Cooker

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