I Poach Eggs in My Sleep…

Last night I had a dream that I made a perfectly poached egg even though I have never poached an egg in my entire life.  So this morning I for real poached an egg following the same steps from my dream and it worked!  Just kidding, I stole the technique from this lady’s website here.  She has a cookbook and on the cover was a poached egg so I figured she was a safe bet.  I followed her instructions and I made the magical egg.  Don’t believe me?  I knew this would happen, so I took photos with my iphone like I usually do.  Here is the egg in the pot after a few minutes…

There are no photos prior to this because I was hiding in the closet being a nervous wreck! 

Just to clarify, I didn’t get up this morning with an insatiable urge to poach an egg.  We had that amazing salmon the other night, recipe here, and I had a good size piece left over that kept staring at me every time I opened the fridge.  My husband and I love to order salmon eggs benedict when we go out for breakfast, if it’s on the menu one of us is getting it (not both of us because that would be crazy, if you have no reason to eat half of your spouse’s breakfast then why are you going out to eat?)

Anyway, I decided to try and recreate our favorite restaurant breakfast order minus the hollandaise sauce.  Two reasons I didn’t make the sauce, #1 – I was too lazy and #2 – I will have to show my face and probably other parts of my body on a beach in Cancun at the end of February for my sister’s wedding so hollandaise is not my BFF right now.

Ok, back to the magical egg.  Here it is sleeping on the paper towel…shhhh, don’t piss it off! (I actually said that to my husband.)

By some miracle I managed to make another one so Jason and I didn’t have to fight over this beauty. While I did that, he completed some very complicated tasks like toasting a few pieces of bread and microwaving the salmon.  You could also warm the salmon in the oven but I find that covering it with a moist paper towel on a plate or heating it in a container with a lid loosely attached works great and keeps the salmon from drying out…nuke it for 30 seconds and check it, then go another 20 seconds or something like that (if you don’t already know this timing technique then you should probably go back to microwaving school).

So here was my finished product…

It was sooooo good, and who needs hollandaise when you’ve got that beautiful yolk to work with?!  (Just go ahead and agree with me here.)  As you can see, no recipe again…just more of a “what to do with leftover salmon” idea and a “how to poach an egg” pep talk…I think that might just be better than a recipe.  Now go poach an egg and tell me all about it!

The Good Cooker  

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