Veggie Taco Dip…and a lego warrior

I don’t know how much longer I can keep up with working full time and blogging full time, I only parent part time so that’s good…kidding!  Last night Jason didn’t get home until 7:00 PM because he was working or something stupid like that.  I told him that this was completely unacceptable and then he replied by asking me what sunglasses I thought he should purchase off some website, I countered by telling him I was going to make taco dip and then we both forgot everything that was said before “Taco Dip”.  I got to work on the dip while he played with the kids (and looked at sunglasses on his phone some more).

By now you’ve all realized that everything I make is pretty easy, taco dip is no exception. This is a vegetarian dish so all you veggies who were scared away by the meatballs can come out now! This also happens to be low fat but you would never know it (there’s a theme developing here), so there will definitely be an internal struggle going on when you’re eating it.

I use a shallow round dish to assemble this dope dip (yes, I said that)…you can use any shape or size vehicle but this is my go to guy and it works perfectly.  It’s 8.5 inches in diameter so of course the area = 3.14 *18.06 inch2  and the result is 56.7 inch2.  This means that you could use any square or rectangular dish where the width X length = about 56.7 inch2…or you can use anything else you want.

The base layer of this dip is a can of re-fried black beans.  I used to make it with regular re-fried beans but I now realize that I never really loved regular re-fried beans the way I love black re-fried beans, sometimes you have to fall in love with something new to realize you never loved what you thought you did before…I know you’re all nodding in agreement right now.

I love making re-fried beans (black or regular) from scratch using my crock pot but tonight a trusty can will do the job just fine.

Spread the can of beans in the bottom of the dish, like this…

If you don’t care for beans (Susie Daly) you can always start with something else, like ground turkey that’s been browned and seasoned with chili powder and cumin or even a seasoned cream cheese/sour cream mixture if you want to keep it vegetarian.

The next layer is the guacamole…the only place I’ve ever found good prepared guac was at Whole Foods because they make it in house.  The stuff that comes in a bag at the grocery store is, in my humble opinion, disgusting.  I started making my own guacamole many moons ago…I’ve been told it’s pretty damn good.  I’ve never divulged my guacamole secrets, until now…

Start with an avocado (duh)…cut it in half, remove the pit, and somehow get it all in a bowl.  I cut mine up while it’s still in the skin and then scoop it out with a spoon, like this…

Next I add Herdez Salsa…this salsa is authentic Mexican and it is gooooood…I use a fork to get it out because I want the chunky tomato parts but not so much of the liquid part, about 1/2 cup is good.

Before we can proceed I need to make sure everyone is in the judge free zone.  If you’re not already in the judge free zone, go there now because what I’m about to tell you might make you all think I’m a little nuts.

I have a secret ingredient for my salsa… and it’s called Mayonnaise.  Judge free zone! Don’t knock it till you try it!  So yes, I put about 2 tbsp of light mayo in my guacamole.  I have no idea how or why I started doing this but I did and I think it’s been a huge success, this is the mayo I use (please no eye rolls)…the only way the mayo would let me take its picture was if I promised that you guys wouldn’t be mean to it…

Now back to normal ingredients…the juice of half a lime and salt/ground pepper to taste.

Your guacamole is done…now spread it on top of the black refried beans, like this…

Next, top the guacamole with shredded lettuce, reduced fat cheese, sliced black olives, and diced tomatoes.  Your dip now looks like a piece of art and everyone at the super bowl party is going to be so impressed.  But we have a grand finale for this dip which will take it to a whole new level, picture this: people clapping while you’re taking a bow…this is where the dip gets its dopeness. 

Take some reduced fat sour cream and mix it with some franks hot sauce in a small bowl…

  Then put it in a small plastic baggie and cut the tiniest snip in the corner…

And then decorate your dip with it. This ingredient combo is SO good and now you can draw a football on your dip and everyone will think you’re super awesome.  I did a simple checker pattern tonight but sometimes I just do little dots, I’ve never actually drawn a football on mine but I think I will now for the superbowl.

And here it is…

And here is a lego warrior that my son built while I was writing this post, I think he may have stolen my thunder with this one…I’m cool with it.  Mr. lego warrior tried my dip and said it was the best taco dip he’s ever had.

The Good Cooker

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