White Bean and Turkey Sausage Soup

It’s snowing…I can’t remember a time when it was not snowing. 

I actually got stuck in our driveway this morning when I was trying to leave.  I would not usually go out in this weather but this definitely qualified as essential travel…I had zumba class to get to.  I managed to get the car (which is actually a large SUV) un-stuck after pulling forward and back a few times…then I said a little prayer, gunned it, and I was on my way!
Now onto more important things…soup.  This soup meets all of my criteria…easy, fast, healthy, and delicious.  This is also a one pot wonder which I LOVE because it means less dishes to clean…booyah!

Here’s your ingredient list…

1 pound – turkey sausage (hot, sweet, or mild)
28 oz. – great northern beans (preferably Randall’s)
2 – 14 oz. cans italian style stewed tomatoes (or regular stewed if you can’t find italian)
1 – 32 oz. carton of chicken broth
1 – small onion
2 cups – carrots (chopped)
2 – small zucchinis (chopped)
1 – clove garlic (minced)
grated parmesan 
large bunch of baby spinach
1/8 tsp. ground nutmeg (optional)
salt and pepper to taste

You will need a large stock pot or dutch oven to make this.

Put the pot over medium/low heat on the stove and add a little olive oil.
Then add the turkey sausage.  Turkey sausage is so great to cook with because it’s full of great seasonings but not full of fat.  There are several brands out there, Honeysuckle is good but I was at WF so I just got it from the meat counter.

Add the turkey sausage in small pieces to the pot, you will just have to use your hands and push it out of the casing a little at a time….it should resemble something like this when you’re done..

Here are the fresh veggies we are going to use…

While the sausage is browning, chop up an onion and mince a clove of garlic and throw it all in with the meat…

Then add your chopped carrots and let everything cook for a little bit longer…

Then add your chopped zucchini and great northern beans...any brand of beans is fine but I am obsessed with Randall’s brand (they come in a glass jar).  I love Randall and I love his beans…yikes!


If you don’t like zucchini you can always leave it out but I would not suggest leaving out those glorious carrots…they just belong in there, trust me.

Now it’s time to add two cans of stewed tomatoes and one carton of good chicken broth or stock…

Now it’s time to lower the heat to a simmer, put the lid on, and walk away for 15 minutes.  If you need something to do during this time I would suggest having a glass of wine but that’s just me.

Your soup is pretty much done after those 15 minutes of wine time but you can let it simmer as long as you want.  I would give it a taste to see if it needs any salt and pepper, I usually don’t add much, if any, because that glorious turkey sausage gets the job done for me with all it’s wonderful seasonings.  The one thing I have been adding to pretty much every soup I make lately is a little bit of nutmeg…nutmeg is the magical seasoning, it’s that thing that when put in dishes everyone keeps asking, what is that spice I’m tasting and why is it so crazy good?!

I always serve this soup with some good grated parmesan and baby spinach on the side. 

It might sound strange to add the spinach directly to your bowl but it really doesn’t need to be cooked in the pot, it will cook in about 5 seconds when you add it to your bowl of piping hot soup…and that way if people don’t care for spinach in their soup they can leave it out.

The other thing that I feel very strongly about serving with this soup is a really good crusty baguette with a side of extra virgin olive oil…heaven.

Now everyone can eat!  They are all standing in the kitchen drooling already…trust me.

This batch will feed about 6 people at least…last night it fed 3 grown men, 3 boys, and me…to say I’m outnumbered is a complete understatement.

I hope you guys try this soup out, I definitely think it will be a winner with your family and friends…

Cheers from the frozen tundra!

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