Broccoli Salad (that people will eat)

Raise your hand if you love broccoli!  Wow, that’s a lot of you…if you love broccoli you will also love this broccoli salad.  It’s sort of a copy cat recipe from a grocery store in my hometown, that was way back when they used to actually MAKE the deli salads instead of having them delivered in plastic tubs (yuck!).  Whole Foods does make an in-house version but if you come close I will tell you a little secret…mine is better.

This broccoli salad has the whole sweet and salty thing going on which I go completely ga-ga for…and the longer it sits the better it gets (also a win in my book).

Here’s what you need…

2-3 large heads of broccoli
1 package of bacon, preferably center cut
2 cups raisins
2 chopped green onions
3/4 cup light mayo
1/4 cup apple cider vinegar
1-2 tbsp sugar
salt and pepper

First, rinse your broccoli and chop off the large stalk.  Then keep cutting away at the stalks to separate the broccoli into tiny bite-sized trees.

Then throw it all in a big bowl, preferably a red one because look at how pretty that is!

Now you need to cook some bacon.  Notice I said to use a “package” of bacon, this is because I don’t believe in telling people how much bacon to put in things.  I used a package that had about 8 slices but if you want to use more or less then you go ahead and do that. You like thick cut?…use that.  You a fan of turkey bacon?… go for it!  Bacon is freedom.    

I do have some advice on HOW to cook your bacon…do it in the oven.  Stick it on a tray and throw it in at 400°F for 15 minutes.  Maybe a little longer for thick cut and maybe a little less for the turkey variety.  You want it to get nice and crispy (DUH!)

While the bacon is bakin’ (that’s a homophone!) go ahead and prepare the dressing.  It’s so easy, just mix 3/4 cup of mayo with 1/4 cup of good apple cider vinegar.  

Then add some sugar, between one and two tablespoons is good…add one tbsp, taste it, and then go from there.

Once the bacon is ready, use tongs to remove it from your baking sheet and place it on paper towels to soak up any excess oil…in other words, do what you’ve always done with bacon when it’s done.

Once it’s cooled, use your hands to break it up into pieces…

Now dump your bacon in the broccoli bowl and then add the raisins…

Then pour your dressing over the whole thing and stir it all together…

Now stick it in the fridge and let it hang out, the dressing will help to slightly soften the broccoli while it sits.

When you’re ready to serve it, chop up some green onions and throw those in…

Now give it a taste and add some salt and pepper to your liking.

It’s done!  

This is a perfect side dish for your backyard BBQ…

Stay tuned for the recipe on how to make those cheesy potatoes in the background…I’m such a tease!


The Good Cooker

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