Beer Brats with Beer Stewed Onions…served with Beer of course

Who likes beer?  I know…stupid question.

Beer brats are one of the best foods to serve at a BBQ…they are super easy to throw together and you can make a lot at once…oh, and they taste like heaven.

I like to serve my brats with beer stewed onions which doesn’t even require additional work because you use the same beer to cook everything.

Here are the ingredients you will need…

Brats (pork, turkey, or even veggie will work)
Beer…and not the expensive stuff, save that for the drinking

Large onions (white or yellow)
garlic powder
whatever other spices you want to throw in…

Start by cutting your onions…

I was only making 5 brats so I used one onion…cut it up like you’re making onion rings…

And then throw it in a large dutch oven or stock pot with some butter or olive oil.

No, that is not margarine…that is what organic butter looks like, fluorescent yellow.

Saute the onions until they soften and your whole kitchen smells amazing…then add whatever other seasoning you feel like using.

I use this stuff called M Salt all the time…

It’s some sort of seasoned salt and I would love to tell you what’s in it but the company refuses to give up the information.  You can visit their website here  if you don’t believe me.  I don’t even care what’s in it…I just have to have it.

So now that your onions are softened and seasoned…it’s time to add the beer to the pot.

This is my beer of choice for brats…

No eye rolls please!  I think these ladies are just lovely and they’re flavor profile is perfect for this recipe.

So pour your favorite cheap beer in…

And cook the beer/onion mixture over medium heat until it starts to boil…then add your brats and turn the heat to medium low.

Boil the brats for about 10-15 minutes…and then throw them on the grill for another 10 minutes just to crisp up the outside.  Continue to cook the onions in the beer until you’re ready for them.

That’s all she wrote folks!  Here’s a brat covered in stone ground mustard….

And then topped with the stewed beer onions…

I tell you what…there is really nothing better than a salty brat topped with spicy brown mustard and sweet beer stewed onions, with a cold one to wash it all down…lord have mercy.

Cheers to SUMMER!

The Good Cooker

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